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Dave Matthews
August 6, 2003
Radio and Records Convention, Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

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Show Reviews

User: Acoustic_Stone

User: BreakFree10
This show was short but awesome . Dave was pretty wasted and I was about 6 feet from him the whole time. It was the first time I heard most of the Some Devil songs. Scalped two tix for 500 bucks pretty dumb but worth it!

User: breckboy1080
i waited 3 days and two nights on "the hill" sidewalk and hell ya it was worth it. one of the best shows just because it was a really intamate show.and the kid infront of me got the set list dave was going to play longer, he had 3 more songs he was going to play(warehouse, watch tower, and i forget the other one)but he was sick the act befor dave, ben kweller he was awsome and the act after,the north mississippi allstars those guys can jam. and hearing the new songs from some devile live for the first time ever(to the public) ya thats cool

User: crazymike
great amazing show, being only 10 ft from dave was a incredible place to be. the stories, and the atmosphere was so friendly, and exciteing. hearing the new songs for the first time was pretty cool too. thanks to mike for helping smuggle my camera out, and the girl who help too, got some pretty cool picture of dave ( i still owe you mike sorry)overall the show was one of the most enjoyable music expiernces ever.those who were there know what im talking about, nmas kicked ass as usually, kweller was a hoot, sweet night..

User: johnnyvick
i met dave and even had a drink with him..

User: kbrock
Best show of my life

User: LeftyDv
I originally posted this on nancies.org on August 6, 2003. No edits have been made... this is what I said then and I stand by it. (If you are actually reading this.)

Dave Matthews has always said he has no religious denomination, and at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday night at the ATO Records performance for radio insiders, he reitterated it. However, as the night progressed, it became clear it's still an issue that is heavy on his mind. As is death, dreams, and drunkeness (but really, don't they all go together sometimes?). Dave warmed up the crowd with "The Stone," the only released song of his 35 minute main set. Doublechecking the song list for his new album doesn't help much in putting together a setlist, because like usual, most of the Dave's new lyrics don't fit into the constraints of the song title. Until the songs are heard off the album, it will be difficult to complete. (Unless you have inside info... the show wasn't allowed to be taped. Big time security at the Fox on Wednesday.) "Save Me," which Dave admitted was a slow version of the song, was a beautiful rewriting of Jesus in the desert, with the devil asking to be saved. Another new song Dave introduced as a dark lullabye, had a ship in a bottle that was last at sea. Gravedigger was a part of the setlist as well. Heavy stuff. Throw in the fact Dave was drinking heavily (again admittedly) and it's no wonder he closed his encore with Bartender. One more song about religion and alcohol. There was moments of brilliant optimism as well - Loving Wings for example was brilliant in the silent Fox. Dave's new stuff is great, no doubt about that. But his set was designed as a way to promote the other artist on the bill, all of whom gave inspired performances. It's clear ATO takes chances on solid artists. This concert was the toughest ticket in the country, with scalpers paying fans in line 400 dollars for their tickets. Fortunately, many real fans didn't give into the that temptation. Imagine - a 40 minute set for 400 dollars. But people who paid that ridiculous price still left thinking they got their money's worth. In the end, the incredible experience I witnessed at the Fox (Dave's first show there since 1994) was made possible by my newest - and already one of the coolest friends - I've made. Sarah - thanks for the invite... you could have asked anybody in the world to go with you after waiting in line for 38 hours, made a huge profit, or any number of things... and you asked me to go. The words "thank and you" aren't good enough to describe my appreciation.

User: outlawtorn
This was awesome seeing Dave in a 300 seat venue. Only improvement would have been if Dave could have played longer.

User: Prdstmnky3
All I can say is it was awesome to be that close...to be that intimate

User: rum0007
I can't believe I got to go to this show. It was up close and personal with Dave. I did have to pay a pretty penny though.

User: runnenstud
Simply amazing.

User: spotwd
Amazing. Like a dream come true. He even looked at me and smiled. I couldnt ask for anything better than Dave up close. Hearing the songs from Some Devil before the release. Slept 2 nights on the Hill for these tickets, and would do it again in a heartbeat for the same opportunity.

User: supafreeze
I waited in line for about 24 hours for this show and it was a religous experience for me! I was heartbroken when it ended. I was five feet away!


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