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Dave Matthews
September 18, 2004
Farm Aid, White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, WA

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Show Reviews

User: belles
Dave, John, Neil and Willie...what else is there to say?!

User: bhamm32000
the crowd treated dave poorly

User: bhammwsu
i think the crowd could have showed a little more interest in dave

User: BlueGuitar1
Dave playing solo was such an experience. I will never forget his music as a light mist came down.

User: bpal
I wish this was longer, but Dave rocked... the BEST Gravedigger I have heard, the butterfly song was special, and It was dope to hear So Damn Lucky accoustic....

User: brandon barr
Short but great, My 12th time seeing dave but first time solo and I thought he was amazing but it would have been nice if he would have been up there a little longer.

User: davefan2040

User: dmbman
Killer set with the first complete live Butterfly :)

User: Gorge21DMB21
Blake and I sat under the cover and out of the rain. The only song I wanted to hear was #41 and Dave busted it out. Stay or Leave was fucking awesome!

User: ireland98020
sec 204 row 8 seat 4

User: loveandsmiles
Wonderful!! Gained some good knowledge that day!

User: mikeflymike
I enjoyed dave but getting there was very tough and getting home was worse

User: mtaj
Wicked show, dave was great, super short list. Jerry Lewis... Willie Nelson... JCM... great night!

User: RSock5
Dave kicks ass in general so this show obviously well kicked ass. Dave is the shit.

User: tehrenstrom
this show was amzing, but short. I was expecting all some devil songs and dave mixed it up with oh sister(dyal tune), and glory glory halejluya, and butterfly, extremley immpressed. also dave was very vocal he talked alot which is always cool.

User: wlavaris
Unbelievable! I thought the songs from Dave's solo album were good, but hearing him actually play them solo was amazing. The songs he played were twice as good without the band (and yes, I was at the Dave & Friends tour when it came to Seattle). I thought "save me" was only alright until I heard him play it alone. Ridiculous! I liked "Glory Glory Hallelujah" more than "Butterfly" as far as the stuff I had never heard before goes. I love hearing the whole band--I never miss a Gorge show, but it's always special when you can see Dave all by himself. Even though the set was understandibly short, I was more than satisfied. Now if I can just find someone kind enough to let me download it...


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