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Dave Matthews Band
August 16, 2005
Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Marysville, CA

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Show Reviews

User: ambersonian
I thought this was a good show...although I would've enjoyed hearing a few of the songs they didn't play at SBC the weekend before. Boyd went f**kin nuts during Bayou, and Trippin Billies of course. And slowly but surely, Steady as we Go is creeping up as one of my favs...I love when Dave's voice gets all loud and strong as the music swells during the last part of the song. Good show but I wouldn't expect anything less!! :)

User: beachbum82784
Not as much energy as sbc park, but still okay. Seats were better.

User: buddhaplex
My second show in three nights. The energy tonight wasn't as hot as it was at SBC Park on Saturday. They played Rhyme & Reason, and LIOG, which are two of my faves, though. I didn't see R&R on Friday @ SBC, and LIOG wasn't on the set list there. Still amazing. Wish I had time to go up to the Gorge...

User: carph
Great energy! never seen Boyd prance across the stage like that before.

User: DavyB65
I thought it was amazing. It was my second time at a DMB show, the first being at SBC on the 13th. I loved them both.

User: dmbgrl22
mello, but still jammed!!

User: GoverJKG
A great all-around show but not as good as either at Pac Bell Park last weekend. The energy was certainly there and the crowd came for a great show and they got one. Boyd was on fire tonight and Carter's drums were in overdrive! Dave even screwed up the 3rd verse of Crash and then looked to the heavens and smiled as if to say "I can't believe I don't remember this." For a non-multi-night run show, it had a good mix of newer and older tunes. Oh yeah, and Dave's dancing was classic.

User: HeilMr.MAtthews
this show was in B.F.E. and it was so hot. A big change coming from the Bay area, but the show was awesome. I loved just about every minute of it. Boyd had an epic night. Several huge solos.

User: Jess-n-Laura
AWESOME! One of the BEST DMB concerts we've seen! Boyd was ON FIRE! Dave's vocals were outstanding! The whole gang played their hearts out!

User: jjanicen

User: jlhpenny
Really great show, cant get enough of Dave!

User: jmreyes
Definately a great show! I was surprised by how good songs from Stand Up are live. LIOG was great with solos from Boyd, Butch, and Stefan. Warehouse is always a good time, but for me Hunger for The Great Light stole the show. Boyd was jumping around all night keeping the energy up, it was awesome. My 6th show and they keep getting better and better.

User: magpie550
Happy to be there! The show rocked and the vibe from the crowd was great! Lotta jammin goin on.

User: nglusman
What an amazing performance by the band. I was a little skeptical of the Stand Up songs before the concert began. I wasnt sure if i was going to like them or not. They were all awesome. American Baby was a great opener, the light effects made it really intense. It was a nice surprise to hear Granny, i had never heard it live before. Louisiana Bayou was probably my favorite stand up song played tonight. Cant ever go wrong with Lie in our Graves. The rest of the show was great, good short ending with Tripping Billies! Overall the concert was great. I especially liked Boyd's enthusiasm throughout the entire show.

User: paintbing
Great show - My fiancee and I actually had section 202 row (5 from last) and were upgraded with 10 other WH members!!!! Great time!

User: Rodzilla_v
The show was good and mellow. It was one hot summer night. The set list was ok, but would have liked a few more surprises.

User: S,S,FH
One of the coolest Louisiana Bayou's I have ever heard!! Other than Granny and Rhyme and Reason this show was pretty common with what had been played before this year.

User: smccready
Of the 3 times I've seen Dave, this was my favorite. I though the energy at the show was fabulous, and Boyd was incredible.

User: Soel Jams
First concert with a group. Blythe, Dharma, Joe, Ryan, and Travis.

User: Sonticus
I thought it was an absolutely amazing show. Before I heard it last night, I didn't really like Louisiana Bayou. But that was deffinately my favorite song of the show.

User: sstevens21
This was by far one of the best shows that I have gone to. Although, Dave did forget the words to Crash, which was kinda funny!

User: tailgateman
This show brought my summer to an awesome end. The set list was awesome. The venue, my first time there, was awesome, and the beer, though the price changed 3 times, was awesome.

User: termiteproof
Very well done.

User: |UAY| |)(V)|3
Great energy. Setlist lacked if you went to SBC. I heard the same songs as last weekend accept 2. Good LIOG and Warehouse. Good crowd. Sound here is so much better than SBC. To anyone that was in the 200's you will probably know what i mean when i say: FUCK YOU STUPID BANANAS AND YOUR STUPID FUCKING SIGN!


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