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Dave Matthews Band
March 26, 2005
State Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales

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Show Reviews

User: AndyR
It's the first time I've been literally quaking in anticipation before a gig, but judging by the standing ovation the band received before they'd played a note, there were many more people feeling the same way! The band seemed genuinely delighted to be in Oz and kicked off with stirring version of Everyday (pity most of the crowd didn't know singalong intro). Carter seemed to have his own fanclub there, hooting his every fill and flourish, and I have never seen a happier musician; he genuinely loves what he does and radiated joy for the full 2 and 1/2 hours. There was an awesome rendition of Grey Street and later a great change of pace with Loving Wings segueing into Where Are You Going. Other highlights were Lie In Our Graves and Crush (which I'm normally indifferent about). Dave was suffering from a hoarse voice in between songs but it didn't seem to affect his singing, and it certainly didn't affect the band's performance which was, at times, jaw-dropping. Don't Drink the Water was delivered forcefully as a first encore and quickly followed by Ants, which was a perfect end to an unforgettable night. I hope the band are back out here again soon (how about tacking dates onto the end of the summer tour...it's never too soon!!)but just in case, I'm going back for more tomorrow night!!

User: dazza
my first dmb experience so of course it blew me away. however, there were only 15 songs - the shortest of the tour so far from my recollection. a little dissapointed that some (most) of the big name songs were missing ie no 41, jimi thing, wharehouse, stay, bartender, watchtower, two step. this band could easily play for 3 hrs and they should... if Springsteen can do it (and he's 50!) these guys should be doin it as well. the mix was fantastic, level was good. and everyone was into it! If only i was going on Sunday!

User: Dmbfan1375
It was a good show, The crowd really didn't seem in to it, but I had an awesome time...My lil sis finally got a drum stick...(thanks coleman for the sign)

User: dmb_aus
Awesome seats for this concert - Butch recognised us from when we met him and had a big chat - he gave us a wave a couple of times. Stefan also recognised my finace and gave her a big grin. Awesome concert - Dave was sounding a bit hoarse after Byron though!

User: downunderfan
Show was amazing - it has been a long wait and cannot tell you what it was like to be in such a great venue seeing undoubtedly one of the best bands of all time.

User: greymonkey
my girlfriend got a drumstick from carter. Met Dave, Boyd, Stefan, Laroi, and carter before the show

User: hanrahan55
it was the best show ive eveer seen

User: jester
Absolutely awesome, great sound, great crowd, great songs what more could u want

User: jnb_007
Very intimate. Brilliant performance. Boyde went off!

User: marchdigital

User: mockykid
Top show, just a little disappointed with the length. Good mix of songs though, and venue was tops.

User: mskylie
Very intimate. Great concert. Not as many screamers as in the states.

User: rob_sull
Been a DMB fan since a mate of mine with US ties introduced me to DMB about 5 years ago - so really great to see them in Australia finally. I enjoyed this show very much, and liked the diversity of album material - even though it didn'nt include some of my favourites. The FOH mix was quite impressive, you can tell these guys tour excessively :) BTW - saw a guy with tripodded mics in the crowd recording - so hope the recorded show appears here soon... I was damn impressed by how the band played (impro + musicallity), but only having seen them once can't tell if it gets any better :) I only have Listener Supported to compare to with... Anyway loved the show, and will them to come back soon...

User: Stitch!
I'd never seen a Dave Matthews gig before this as this is the first time they'd come down to Australia. It was a lot of fun and the seats weren't as bad as I expected. The lighting team really knew their shit and Carter and LeRoi played like some of the better musicians I've ever seen. Boyd had so much energy on stage, and while I didn't think it was incredibly technical, it was still a lot of fun and was some grade A fiddling. The concert was a lot of fun and long overdue. The crowd was a lot of fun, too (at one point, someone yelled "Jack Johnson sucks" to the laughter of the audience). I will say that how long they made us all wait for an encore was bloody ridiculous but eh... what can you do. They better not take so long to come back down to Australia.

User: SweetUp&Down40
Cool show. LIOG was the highlight. DMB were a bit rusty tonight, the crowd were yelling out heaps of stupid stuff. Night 2 far outdid this show

User: sydneyDMBfan
My 3rd show this tour, and the Sydney crowd was rather lame. (And I'm from Sydney). Got to meet ALL six band members, autograph, photos etc. This has been a most incredible week!!!!

User: TheSexyAlbino
All I can say is that DMB def brought their game to Australia. Im studying abroad at Macquarie University outside of Sydney so to see DMB in Australia was crazy!!! This was my 13th or 14th show and although it wasnt the best out of the ones I've seen my seat certainly were. Even though I was in Row C of the circle or top level, the State Theater is so small that my seats were still amazing. The place only holds 2000 people and there def isnt a bad seat in the house. As for the show, opening with Everyday was pretty solid although the crowd didnt really know the Honey Honey Come and Dance With Me part of the song it was still pretty good. After that The Best of Whats Around and Grey Street were pretty good. One of the highlights of the night was def Granny! I wasnt expecting it at all since I've been looking at the previous setlist so that came as a real big surprise. Another highlight of the night was Lie In Our Graves and althought it wasnt the best version that I've heard it def got the place rocking and as always Boyds solo was amazing! Crush, well what can you say, crush was crush and since I love that song it was great to hear. Next was The Stone and it had an intro that I havent heard yet so that was pretty neat as well. The next three songs were some what slow. DMB played Love Wings, Where Are You Going and American Baby. All three were played really really well and I have no complaints. American Baby is an awsome song live and the people in the States are going to like it a lot. The songs pretty upbeat and the guys seem to like playing it a lot. Ending with SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much was somewhat expected since theyve played it a few times but it was still great to hear and the Aussies loved it. Leroi also had solo that I havent heard yet either and the place was rocking so hard during Too Much that Boyds cup fell of Carters platform and rolled into the middle of the stage. The crowd was really into it during the break and the guys came out ready to role. Dave played some new song that I obviously havent heard and it seemed like it would be called Stranger or something. That went into DDTW which was really good but kind of a basic version and then back to that new stranger song which was pretty cool. Ants Marching was great to hear at the least. The State was ready to role after DDTW but once Ants Came on people started to stand up and dance (they hadnt been all night since your not allowed to in the upper sections). I could literally feel the floor shaking underneath me. Everyone was clapping and having a blast, most of the Aussies for the first time so that made it even better. Overall the concert was amazing and I cant wait to go back tom night and do it all over again with one of the girls here that has never seen DMB live! It should be another amazing experience brought to you by the one and only Dave Matthews Band!!!! Hope to see you all there CHEERS MATES!

User: wierdwolf
As i'm from Australia this was the first time i've seen DMB live and i have to admit i wasn't let down at all. Maybe it was because it was my first time or simply it was because it was such a great show.


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