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Dave Matthews Band
March 27, 2005
State Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales

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Show Reviews

User: Big Bad Barry
Great seats due to the State theatre being a small venue. We were sitting right at the back of the mezzanine level and you could see very clearly the grin on Boyds face. This concert seemed to sell out in 3 minutes online. Good song mix with the crowd calling for two step and being rewarded with it towards the end

User: coomsa
What an experience! I was moved by each and every moment of this show. The guys are an amazing tight group who gave their all. I was truly impressed. Now I have only been listening to DMB for a couple of years, but I now have a mission. I must see the show at the Gorge.

User: dbognar
My wife and I attended this show - fourth time we have seen DMB. Not bad for a couple of Australians given they have never toured here before! This show was by far the best we have seen. Great set list, covering all the tracks we had hoped for (ie: Warehouse, Satellite, Watchtower etc) plus one that is extremely special for us... I proposed to my wife seven years ago to Lover Lay Down. A year later our bridal waltz was Lover Lay Down also. Being the DMB groupies that we are we created a sign which we hoped would catch the bands attention from our prime third row position. The sign said "Engaged, Married and Conceived to Lover Lay Down". It even had a picture of our 7 month old son on it. Unfortunately to no avail though. Towards the end of the set the band starting playing Lover Lay Down. I grabbed my wife's hand and walked down to the front row much to the security guard's dismay. We crouched down in front of the stage and held up our sign whilst they played. It was as if the band were serenading us. Dave and Stefan both smiled and winked at us during the song. I ended up placing the sign in front of Dave's feet as he played. At the end of the song, we grabbed back our sign, and went back to our seat. When Dave returned to his mike, he was surprised that the sign was gone. He ended up saying "Engaged, married....congratulations" to us. What an amazing moment!!!!

User: Dmbfan1375
It was a great finish to a great tour down under....Special thanks to the guys for hanging out and signing autographs and taking pics with us...."Carter, The Thunder Down Under" Your U.S. Roadies!!!

User: dmb_aus
Our last show and the last show for DMB in Aus. A bit sad, and unfortunately our 'worst' seats of all 5 concerts. Butch wore the hat we gave him which was great! Can't believe how much of the crowd sat down - not sure if this was happening in other concerts as we were in the front row for them.

User: DownUnderDonk
Best Set Ever! Said "Y'all have a great country down here, and have just tickeled us pink, it won't be long now"

User: downunderfan
A surprise by my boyfriend - (now my fiancee he asked me to marry him after the show) to the second night..... was as good as the first and we had great seats!.. We will be dancing to DMB at our wedding in a years time!!!!!!!!

User: greymonkey
met Dave, boyd, Carter, Stefan, Laroi, and Butch!

User: hamish
Well, as an Aussie who has waited 8 years. I thank the band for playing all the big ones while they where here, even if they repeated a few for the dihard fans. This tour was not about americans seeing DMB in Oz, rather it was giving some of us over hear a chance to see them for the first time! A great show. It the best venue I could possibly hope for, and in the best seats. No doubt they wll play a bigger venue next time and I'm so glad I got in this time. And a big thanks to the band for coming out to meet us after the gig. Top blokes all of them.

User: jessew21
Great show - very different setlist from the other shows ive seen - lots of older stuff.

User: Kent
Travelled all the way from Denmark, to see DMB in Brisbane, Byron Bay and twice in Sydney! And it was worth it....

User: OminouS
Pure Brilliance! They made my year. After cancelling their show in 2002 because of 9/11, I was afraid they wouldn' come here, but they have and I am forever grateful. The venue was intimate and the sound was awesome. I only wished that I went to the Saturday concert as well. DMB you F*cking Rock!

User: phish86t
the best playing and jamming i ever saw with dave he played like back in 94 1,500 people was an experence i will never forget

User: steviebrodd
Great concert, excellent acoustic in an old theatre. Can't wait for DMB to come back to Australia

User: SweetUp&Down40
Tonight was amazing, full on gems. #41 was an incredible opener - so tight. Jimi Thing was amazing. Two Step closer was excellent, it brought the house down. Carter's Hello Again solo was amazing as well - so fast. Just a great vibe tonight, the crowd was much better than last night and the band were really enjoying themsleves. Couldn't ask for a better venue either. Tonight was the band at their best!

User: sydneyDMBfan
An AWESOME Two Step. And after seeing American Baby 4 times this tour (plus on ROVE), I think 3/27 was the best performance of new track. Got to see encore from front row, and a drumstick!

User: TheSexyAlbino
Overall this was a decent DMB concert. Def not one of the best I've seen the guys put on since the setlist was kind of short. I went to Sat nights show and I would say that it was def better than tonights since the crowd didnt seem to be into it as much as sat. I was sitting in the circle and when the guys played warehouse there were only a few people even saying wooohoo which was kind of disappointing since Stephan was trying to get people into it. Overall the highlights of the night were PNP-->Rapunzel, American Baby, Daves solo during Jimi Thing (which was amazing since there was so much jibberish involved, dancing and a good guitar solo) so that was great to hear. Carter also had a few solos in Two Step and Hellp Again which always gets the crowd going. They werent the best I've seen him do but they were pretty good. Also Stephans solo in the beggining of All Along The Watchtower was amazing and got the crowd going although it was to bad that Watchtower wasnt really as jammed out as I've heard the guys play before. The one thing that I though was a huge disappointment was that there wasnt a double encore. I know that they pretty much never do that and they probably have some thing that they need to be off the stage at like 11 or something but since they are in Australia and wont be back for at least 9 months to a year I figured that they would go out with a bigger bang and play one more song. So overall the concert was decent, it cant be bad since it is a DMB show, but it could have been a lot better since its their last show in Australia for a while. Hope all of you Aussies enjoyed the show and if you ever get to see him play in America do it because the experience will be even better when theres 20000 people around you!!!!

User: vicrowjr
Apart from sitting in a 'restricted viewing' area, this was a great 1st show for me.


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