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Dave Matthews
May 12, 2006
Manchester Academy 1, Manchester, Greater Manchester

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Show Reviews

User: 01d_GREG
Been a fan since 2001 but living in the UK is tough as the Band doesn't come here that often (hopefully things will change now!) 1st show I ever went to and it was incredible. I had a great experience being right at the front of the stage. My only 2 regrets is that my damn photos didn't come out correctly and that my buddy Lloyd, convinced that Dave wasn't coming back for a final encore, pulled me out of the front row. Naturally Dave came back out and performed Crash Into Me and I couldn't get my place back. One day I'll have my revenge! But until then I've got my tickets to see Dave in Oxford boo-ya!

User: 53rdBroadway
Manchester England.......lovely evening, unxpectely large crowd outside The Academy....oh my God I should have been here earlier, now I'll never get in before Dave goes on stage! I did! Dave opened with Bartender, nearly peed my pants with excitment! Very hot, Dave very chatty, fans very knowledgable....thought I was the only DMB fan in this part of the country but I am surrounded by kindred spirits and all is well in the world!

User: andrew0681
Best show i've ever been, It's first time i saw dave and also was lucky enough to meet him after the show, Can't wait for him to come back and hopefully bring the rest of the band

User: bigdayv
Fantastic!! Hope Dave comes back to the UK with the band like he said!!!!!!

User: cnash
The band is obviously built around Dave's music, not the other way around. An amazing experience!

User: ericwindrider
What an absolute incredible show. A few metres from Dave so got some great shots. Seeing him tonight in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

User: Focaccino
Managed to squeeze this show in on my way up from London to the Lake district... a very sweaty venue indeed, but even my Mum and Dad came! Avid DMB fnas they are with their kids relentlessly playing their stuff in the cars and in our band for years! :)

User: halg005
Great show

User: irishants
Best show ever!!

User: nickroyle
First DM/DMB Gig - awesome! Let's hope Dave keeps his promise to visit the UK more often!

User: Radishme
First time I saw him, and o man, did it rock!! My bro had gotten tickets, knowing my fanatasism, we drove all night to get there. Dave Matthews is the man.

User: shteak
great... First time seeing Dave and i wasn't disappointed.

User: stix
Fantastic, been waiting for this since seeing Dave at Virgin Megastore in London in 2001. My girlfriend bought our tickets for our 1 year anniversary. Stand out tracks for me were 'Bartender', 'Crush', 'Save Me'... dammit actually the whole set was a thrill! Come back soon, and bring your friends!!!

User: TWills
Front and centre!

User: ukdersh
I have been living in the UK for about two years now and I have missed Dave's live performances in the States. I have been seeding some of Dave's concerts in the village where I live and (lightly) twisted my neighbor's arm to go to the show last night. Needless to say, he loved the event. He Hummed the whole way back to Leicestershire. It was general adimission and we were about twenty feet from Dave, deadcenter - closest I have ever been. Poor Dave was sweating his balls off during the show. His shirt was soaked and dripping from the tails. The Academy was real humid and Dave kept apologizing for his wet nature. Lots of Dave speak between songs, but not overdone. He had a few stories about Grace and Stella at the house in the bathtub and his Bulldog Sophie's propensity to try to like its ass. The audience was great. The Brits should be well commended. Everyone was well versed in the lyrics. Big sing-a-longs during Everyday and Crush. Dave gave a double encoure (break between Ayhee and Crash into Me) and said during the performance that he was going to bring back "some of his friends" next time. Maybe Winter '06? I'll still be here.

User: zand
First time seeing dave live, been waiting 5 years...speechlessly in awe...flew over from ireland for the gig and it would have been worth swimming across to manchester. see you at the gorge dave 1/9/06! if he doesnt come to ireland next time hes in the uk i'm gunna kick his ass!


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