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Dave Matthews Band
May 5, 2007
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, New South Wales

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Show Reviews

User: 2steppinKJ
See my more detailed review in the tour thread, but it was an outstanding show that was as good being there as it was on paper! I hope that last night's not the first time that Xavier Rudd guests with the band.

User: Allison

User: Elyse-anne
This was my first experience seeing DMB and it was amazing.

User: Jared41
My first Dave Matthews show, since they almost NEVER come to Australia. It was AMAZING.

I was chose to sit in the back because I had to go do a 10 hour shift straight after and didn't want to tire myself out... BIG MISTAKE ! :(

That being said it was still the greatest show I have ever seen in my life ! When I heard the opening notes to Crush, the feeling was indescribable !

Xavier Rudd was amazing too ! Having seen him in concert before I knew what to expect, but having him up there actually playing with DMB, made me feel great as an Australian. DDTW was unreal with Xavier Didgeridoo intro ! They ended up using that song in Warehouse 8 I believe.

Best night of my life... next time I will be there in the front row no matter what !

User: jtf1444
Awesome show! they never disappoint! cant wait to see them again!

User: mailhot
Thanks to everyone who took part in the inaugural Dave Matthews Band Big Breakfast Tour of Australia.....it was a gas...four concerts in four cities in five days Just the anticipation of what the first song is gunna be.....the show...party....crash out...wake up for a big breakfast.....hop on a plane.....and do it all over again....The shows were all diferent and all awesome.....thanks to Rick. Dave, Cassady, Toni, Adam, Kirk, Cloe, Tim and Cheyne ........ We laughed and cried we got smashed and crashed (that was me in adelaide) ........It was a trip of a lifetime and always will be remembered .......special thanks to Cheyne for putting it all together........ Start saving cause we definately are doing it again ............... hopefully next year ..................long live DMB

User: maya
Unbelievable. Atmosphere was terrific! Everyone hollered through Jimi Thing and Seek Up was tight! Gravedigger was a nice acoustic touch as well as sister, and Stay was a blissful ending to a wonderful night. Thankyou to all in the front few rows. You know why *blushes*

User: sarahjane13
what a great show seeing xavier on ddtw was an awesome experience this was my second show and cant wait for many more to come

User: stixbradtle
great gig!

User: SweetUp&Down40
Seek Up, Billies, Nancies, DDTW w/ Xavier

Enough said

User: thefez
Another utterly amazing show by the boys. Bit disappointed not to hear "The Idea of You", but in total is was a fantastic night! Xavier Rudd as a guest on DDTW will always be one of the greatest things I have ever seen live - you see by the look on Dave and Carter's faces that they were on to something special. I'm sure it won't be the last time given that's he's supporting them OS later in the year. And to "stixbradtle" - I was hangin out with Carter at the back fence as well! What a great bloke!

User: Wobs89
Probably the best Dave show I've been to. The crowd was a lot more chill compared to most shows in the US. He came on early, and had a great set list!


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