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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
February 26, 2007
National Stadium, Dublin, Dublin

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Show Reviews

User: bdpjumbi
Wow! I have always wanted to see Dave and Tim perform together, and perform they did. I moved from LA to Dublin six months ago, and am I glad I did. I don't think I would get an opportunity to see a show like this in the States, and especially LA. There were around 1500 people in a small venue that felt like a high school gym with low ceilings. I was able to pay a scalper out from 20 to trade my section O tickets for some in section A. Good move on my part, as it got me 5 rows from the stage, althought there was not a bad seat in the house. Ashamedly I missed the first song (Don't Drink the Water) and arrived at the beginning of Crush. I had hoped that since the show was billed as "An acoustic evening" that Tim Reynolds would be there, but did not wanted to be disappointed so tried to fight it leading up to the show, but there he was on stage with Dave! There were a few of my fellow American co-workers there also, but I'm sure the bulk of the crowd was Irish. There are a few of my Irish co-workers and friends that know DMB, but the majority don't. As these are mostly people younger than 40, I took this as a good representation for Ireland in general; Dave is pretty unknown here. Well, the crowd didn't seem to take long to warm to these two amazing performers. The show went kinda like a storytellers session. Dave was interacting with the crowd and telling lots of stories and jokes. He was sweating bullets, even more than usual, and blaming on him getting used to the cold weather outside before being in the stuffy little boxing arena. The place was so small, you could hear anything anyone yelled out clear as day. There was one clown that yelped out "41!" every break to the point Dave was making fun of him. Finally after another "41" someone yelled "SHUT THE F@%K UP!" and Dave was like hell yeah! "You can't really say anything to that!" he said. After and already great 18 song set the guys said good night; but the crowd wanted more. With surprising (to me) vigor the crowd got Dave to come back out with 5 minutes of solid applause. Then the stagehand brought out a fresh pint of Guinness in a proper pint glass which Dave put down quite quickly. After Dave did awesome solos of Some Devil and Can't Stop, Tim come out rocking a whole bottle of wine! Dave finally relented to the guy yelling all night and played #41 which made me so happy, as I had though dude had prevented me from hearing my favorite song. Two Step finished off what is now my favorite concert of all time. This one will be hard to top. See ya in May Dave!

User: Byggare_Bob
Great show and probably one of the best acoustic shows I've ever heard. Tim is amazing!

User: MicTKO

User: tmramos


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