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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 1, 2007
Manchester Apollo, Manchester, Greater Manchester

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Show Reviews

User: andy42g
My first Dave show after ten years of being a fan (he's not often in the Uk you know :-). We had great seats (3rd row) courtesy of a mate being in the Warehouse and it was cool to be so close up. Great set and a fabulous evening. Looking forward to the full DMB experience at Wembley in May.

User: lakermech
One girl kept yelling and dave seemed to be getting pissed. Good show as always.

User: MOKE
the crowd interaction was over the top!!

User: pritch
Great show, great venue.

User: rick2912
First D&T show, was astounded of the quality of these 2 guitarists and the arrangements of the songs. Every DMB fan needs to see a D&T show. you get a whole new appreciation for music. Unbelievable. R

User: shteak
Great show, as expected... Wasn't actually expecting Tim to be there as it was listed as a solo gig at the time i bought the tickets and i haven't been on the board for a while so i missed it when it was announced as a D&T... It was a very welcome suprise... Over two and a half hours of non-stop music exept of course for the obligatory Matthews chat which was as funny as ever. Crowd was good exept for the odd heckler, but i think everyone had a great time. Can't wait for the next one... It seems like he's eventually decided to tour europe more than once a decade... Cheers Dave!!!!

User: stiej
What an awesome show. This was the first time for me to see Dave. It was a late surprise to find out that Tim would be there too, and that fella's the dog's on the guitar. Dave's voice was in fine form, and the setlist was excellent. They played for 2 hours 40 ish, an absolute gem of a first experience. I could have stayed there all night.

User: toby
Loved Crush


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