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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 8, 2007
Capitol, Offenbach, Hessen

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Show Reviews

User: bongo
Magic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually just listened to the recording again -
towards the end, esp jimmy thing - why can`t ppl just keepo their frickin` mouths shut - screaming out their chihuahua nudicles and ruining other ppls experience. Frickin` hillbillies!

User: BrettMatthews
absolutely fantastic show, unforgettable ---- I asked for the Stone and Dave played it two songs later ...THANK YOU

User: bruno.foerster
My first concert. It was fantastic and overwhelming.

User: davembandfan620
Amazing show.

User: dirty_frank_10
It was a great show and my first time to see dave and tim playing live. Wonderful!!!

User: djec99
Great show. Played a lot of terrific old and new tunes. Some highlights were Stone, Oh, Tim's solo, and Dave chatting it up between every song. Anyone submit a setlist yet? Any tape of the show floating around?

User: edabell07
Pure Magic! The guys never cease to amaze. We were in the front row, but it does not matter where you are, the music is simply brillant. Please put this out there to download. What a great way to spend a night. Thank you to Dave and Tim for being who they are.

User: forchia
Most probably the best solo acoustic shows I've attended in March. Great and well-mannered audience support, and excellent setlist and performance. Dave played a second (unexpected) encore, due to the great audience support after the end of first encore (and probably was expected to be also the end of the show, since the crew started to remove the gear from stage, then installing it again).

User: madseason
best acoustic ive ever been!

User: mr.reise
What an awesome show! The first time I saw a D&T...! 2 hours and 40 minutes full of magic at the nice location in Offenbach. Im looking forward to see him in Berlin again...

User: Oriza
One word... Awesome!


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