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Dave Matthews Band
July 1, 2009
L'Olympia, Paris, Ile-de-France

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Show Reviews

User: blusi
What a awsome show that was!! Bartender opener, Crush Tim/Jeff battle, Jimi Thing, Grey Street and the new songs! But here's a little review of the show:

Bartender - It was my second DMB show and there were two wishes: Seek Up and no DDTW opener, because I had this last time. So I heard the typicial DDTW intro and my wish was gone...but out of nowhere: Bartender! Great song to start a show, Jeff was beautiful with his flute.

Shake Me Like a Monkey - Wow! This song is just fun, it's so funky Peter Gabriel style.

You Might Die Trying - I think this one could take place in my top 20 dmb songs. It has a great atmosphere and the outro jam is very sweet.

Corn Bread - Spaceman is one of my fav. BWGK songs and so it was live. But it was clear, that they'll play Corn Bread and man...this song kicks ass. The band is on fire! Tim and the horns section did a great job.

Everyday - I'm not a big fan of this song when I hear it on the live cds. But if you're live at the show, it is really cool. It's just a crowd song, everyone sings along. And Boyd really shines on this song

Seven - Oh man...this song. First I hate the taped versions, but it really grows up if you give it a chance. Really happy to see this song live.

Grey Street - holy shit! A DMB top 10 song! It came out of nowhere. I was dancing the whole time. Jeff and Raswhan did a sick outro and it felt just perfect. Thanx for this one.

Alligator Pie - Cool song. I like the Bayou vibe on this one. The baritone sax sound from Jeff was huge.

Funny the Way It Is - As I heard it live there was coming something to my mind: This song tells a story. It always goes forward, without rep. It's like a book you're reading and there are happen things in the lyrics and the music. Boyd solo gets longer and longer and better from show to show. And I was surprised that Stefan playes the intro of FTWII. Didn't knew that.

Crush - Finally a BTCS song. Holy shit! Get you're hands on this version. The Jeff/Tim solo battle is just amazing. The end of the solo was really funny: Tim took a bottle and to some sliding on the guitar. And Jeff took also a plastic bottle and do the same on his saxophone! I couldn't stop laughing, this was to funny.

So Damn Lucky - Good old Some Devil song with Tim outro. If you hear this song you really feel damn lucky. And as Dave sings in the outro "amazing what a minute can do" I think about the new outro of the song. It's amazing how "just" an outro can make this song big.

Lying in the Hands of God - This will have a save place in my top 20 maybe top 10 dmb songs. The lyrics, the sound, it's just beautiful. I always thought this has Crush potential and it will sound like this one day. Jeff bring this one to the top, long solo, which was cool.

Jimi Thing - Good old Jimi. Jeff played two saxophones at the same time as Rashwan did a fantastic solo. Dave dance and skating was fun as usual.

Ants Marching [tease]
Too Much [fake]
Ants Marching - That was a great joke. Carter just did the snair thing from Ants and boom Too Much Intro 2 times and back into Ants. I like stuff like this. Boyds solo was really really long. The crowd goes nuts as he did this one and so did I.

Rye Whiskey
[Unknown Tim solo]
Don't Drink the Water - Encore time. Dave came out alone. It was clear that he'll play Rye Whiskey. But it wasn't clear that Tim does a solo on it which was great. So the song ends and Tim still plays his solo and than really unexpected: DDTW. It was a loud version, I loved it.

Why I Am - Show ended with this one and I think that's a great way. The structure of this song is really complex I think, but that's a good thing.

A really great show with many highlights and the band at his best. A+++

User: Dancing Man
Maybe the best DMB show I've ever seen, borderline unfair as there's no way to see the band in a venue like this in the states so the energetic comparison cannot be made. So glad I made the trip!

User: DMBSweden
The best I've ever seen them. It was a magical night and the room was goooooood.

User: Emanu
Well since this was my first full band DMB show, I think it was just awesome. The sound was really great, and you could tell that Dave was happy playing there and we could feel that energy. Can't complain about the set list but I missed Dancing Nancies. Some great solos from most guys was great, and Dave's dancing and what DMB is all about.
Thanks again for coming in Paris.

User: kevnsuj
Great set list and amazing to see them in such a small venue. Wife and I were exhausted from a day of traveling, but it was still a great show. Thanks to the friend of Dave that let us escape the heat and watch the encore from the balcony box.

User: Maddan
My 3rd DMB show, and my favorite. The band was in high spirits, the setlist was a great mix of songs old and new, the crowd was great - awesome experience. Hope DMB returns to Europe again soon.

User: MiKick

User: ou811
I love Paris in a summer time!!! Amazing show and amazing venue.

User: shaggydog
DMB in Paris and the French do not get it. What more do I have to say. Still liked the show. Was not even sold out in a very large theatre venue. Hey Frenchie, your loss.

User: thomasnardi
This show probably had the most energy of any that I have been to. This may have been because it was a very small venue, or maybe the crowd was just really pumped up. Either way, one could tell that Dave and Co. were really feeling it. All in all, it was a great show.


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