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Dave Matthews Band
February 28, 2010
Palladium, Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen

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Show Reviews

User: germankai
I'm torn apart by this show.
Overall I can say I had a great night, this show had really some great suprises, but setlistwise it was rather a bummer, but only because the last three shows DMB I saw were just very similar in their song selection (and they have so so so many great songs that I will not get to hear live)

Well but here we go: I never heard a better sound before, not by DMB nor by any other band I have seen and I have been to so many concerts.
The venue was really great, I had high expectations and they were totally fullfilled.
Here my 2 cents to all the songs

Still Water (tease)...>
Don't Drink the Water
When they started out and Dave sang the first few words, I knew already what would follow, which freaked me out because it was the fourth time out 6 that I got DDTW as an opener. Well, but the positive thing was that it was the best version I heard so far.

Satellite: Boyd messed up the beginning, but overall decent, but nothing fancy. It's not my fav.

Funny The Way It Is: Maybe the best song of the night and I never thought I would say something like this, the Jam Tim introduced which lead to Carter and Boyd going crazy is just ridiculous. They didn't jam out like this in Hamburg so there is a lot to expect in the future.

Seven: Dave loves it, Great Brass Battle beweeen RaShawn and Mr Coffin. It's really a sexy song

Shake Me Like a Monkey: Suprise cause they didn't play the intro but broke right into just like on the record.

Where Are You Going: I went to the bar.

You Might Die Trying: Dave Speak before was funny. Great Jam, overall great. It's a really long song nowadays. I liked it a lot.

Lying In the Hands of God: still my favorite BW song, but FFTWII was better today.

Burning Down The House: probably my least favorite song from the set. It's overall just mediocre, and they could have played one of their own classics.

Sugar Will (tease)
Jimi Thing: Sugar Will was really short which was a bummer, JT was better in Amsterdam last year.

Spaceman: Great version of this one. The band enjoys it a lot. I liked it aswell, great jamming inbetween.

Why I Am: standart WIA, nothing fancy but it's great riff. LeRoi RIP.

Crash (Into Me) *: now starts the best Section of the concert. They played it save tonight, but those songs are just great. BIG TIME DMB.

So Much To Say...>: First time for me, and I loved every second of it.

Anyone Seen The Bridge...>: best ASTB I have ever seen or heard. They really worked on that.

Too Much...> (tease)!: Why won't they play it anymore???

Ants MArching: nothing fancy, but it's such a crowd pleaser. great vibe.

You and Me: I don't like it, but the jam they are playing to this nowadays makes it better than before.

All Along The Watchtower: Good version, no Zeppelin interpolation though, but really good

Baby Blue +: Dave came out with this tiny 12 string and I knew he would play it. First time hearing it and it was good. I would have chosen any band song over it though.

Sledgehammer: a lot better than Burning down the house, but is this an encore-worthy song? I don't know. Dave sounds a lot like peter gabriel, it'S really weird.

So Damn Lucky: mean jam by Tim again, even better than in Hamburg, which already was outstanding. I really love this song again, but I didn't ecpect to be the closer, which left a somewhat bitter note knowing it will be the last DMB show for me this year.

User: katierose
Best set list ever!

User: schwonek
show started at 8.15 and the sound was good. Big on drums. Dave was psyched and showed us how a saxophone feels when being played on. Set was ok, watchtower was great and jimi. Too bad there is no video in europe. The band really enjoyed playing. Maybe except Boyd.

User: Stabn
Great venue, good sound, meh setlist, meh crowd. Band on fire. Some Dave Speak, some "Dave Acting", really funny shit. Good show overall, I enjoyed every minute of it.

User: tweetie1964
my first Show

User: tyl-76
First show in 2010! Standing just in front of the mixing desk. Venue is sold out. Fantastic show !! Covers of Burning Down The House and Sledgehammer = great! Encore was amazing with funky finale & horns !


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