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Dave Matthews Band
March 12, 2010
O2 Academy Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands

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User: benney
Incredible to see the full band in such a small venue.

User: chartg1
good show. Boyd on top form.

User: Crazydiamond11
I was the guy whose daughter had the Big Eyed Fish Poster... which prompted Dave to sing it..... Best YET and another front row

User: davidprim9
Awesome to see DMB in such a small venue.

Relatively new O2 academy but what a venue. Much better than the old Dale end venue. Great show with a fantastic LIOG.

User: jasonfilatov
Overall I had one of my best concert experiences and I would give the concert a 9 of 10 which rounds up to a 5 star performance in my book. I have now seen the band in Europe 4 times as well as 10 times in the states. This was the best of the 4 Europe performances...even better then my Brixton experience last year. Sounded great, and they really had a lot of fun on stage last night. Here is my song by song analysis for those who are interested and excited for the upcoming summer tour.

Proudest Monkey: Always nice to see, and I'm glad they are playing it more. Lets hope it sticks around. Very comparable to the epic Live Trax 15 version and Dave got nuts with the vocals at the end, going up as high as he could.

Satellite: Your typical satellite performance. Last year I thought there was too much hard Tim on such a light song, but he played more slide this time, and it made room for the simplicity of the song to shine.

Shake Me Like a Monkey: Of course the biggest live disappointment after Big Whiskey, but thankfully they have slowed it down a little bit. The best Shake Me I have heard for that reason, but it could still use some work, maybe more of a jam. You can tell they love playing it though and that helps the song.

Seven: Dave noticed the Big Eyed Fish sign in the front and appeared to try and remember the song. Clearly the band did not have the song prepared...I love Seven by the way. Will never understand the criticism. Another one they just love playing, and another BW song I never mind hearing.

Funny The Way It Is: Yeah yeah. Best part of this one was the kid in front of me. It was probably the only song he knew. Thought about taking a video of him and putting it on youtube under "Funny The Way He Acts". Kid was just obnoxious. Nothing special about Funny, song hasn't changed much since last year.

Seek Up: Second Big Eyed Fish tease, giving me some more hope, but I still thought only a tease would come. Fortunately, the tease didn't bother me much, especially with Seek Up coming. Song has always been a favorite of mine. I thought it was carried on a little too long, but everything was played near perfectly. Dave's voice was unbelievable, especially the yelling at the end. It was actually the first time I'd hear Timmy mess up. He flubbed a part at the end gave a real wide eyed "my bad" expression. Great song, 3rd time I've heard it, and it is always welcome in my set.

Stay or Leave: I like it full band, regardless of how others react. Beautiful song with beautiful words, thought it was in a good slot, would've been to slow for the 2 or 3 slot tonight.

Lying in the Hands of God: Just keeps getting better and better. Jeff's big moment for the night definitely, and there is more of an explosion with the chorus then there was last year. It was middle of the pack Big Whiskey for me in the beginning, but it is certainly on the rise.

Spaceman: Please don't tease Big Eyed Fish and give me Spaceman. Of course I expected Spacebread and got it. Not one of my favorite Big Whiskey songs, would have preferred a Squirm, Pie, or Dive in that slot.

Cornbread: Yeah, it's not as bad as people said, thats right, I dig some cornbread. Lyrics might suck, but it really is a fun live song. My Dad was with me, and he has been doing the Dave dance his whole life, so it was funny to watch my Dad's reaction. Didn't mind it has much as most of you do.

#27: In the arms of a woman. I thought it was better then the MSG performance I saw last year. It was aiight.

Lie In Our Graves: First performance of the tour, and my personal highlight for the night. The build up is one of the best pieces of music this band has ever done. I was real excited for Boyd, who hasn't seem to have done as much lately. With this, Seek Up, and Ants, Boyd has a HUGE night, and was really getting into it. Best song of the night.

Crash Into Me: Always the same to me, don't love it, don't mind it.

Don't Drink the Water: I love this song anywhere in the set. Always a fun song to be in a crowd with, especially when Dave outscreams the world. Awesome performance as usual, and one of the best songs of the last few years in my opinion. I like it anywhere, especially when it's unpredictable.

Time Bomb: Timmy just owns guitar. What an alien. I've gotten tired of the song personally, but didn't mind it. Dave extended the outro screaming, which I find to be the best part of the song, so that was a nice. Also a longer enjoyable intro.

Ants Marching: Carter started the song with a drum solo. My brother really wanted this one and I'm glad he got it. the punches over the solo were interesting. Carter was mixing it up a bunch while Boyd took the night away. Best set closer possible.


Big Eyed Fish: I know it says partial on Almanac and tease on Ants, but this was real close to a full version of the song. Got the first 2 verses, and 2 chorus's as well as your Bridge vocals. It was beautiful, and extremely special. Dave really enjoyed it and I think we can expect it to be back for the summer tour. Showed that they really aren't afraid to listen to the fans. Keep that in my everybody!

Baby Blue: Beautiful, even with a smaller lyrical flub at the end. One of the best Dave solo songs of all the behind 40 and IBYU in my opinion.

All Along the Watchtower: I wish we still had Stairway, but great, great, great. One of the best closers, and extremely acceptable for an awesome show. If anybody gets to see a video, watch Rashawn and Jeff on the outro. Some real funny and undescribable stuff happens.

Go band.

User: rick2912
Really great show. Great setlist. This year the Big Whiskey songs are really tight, and the band are having fun with them. Seek Up was a favourite, as was Lie In Our Graves, Boyd is on fire! The Big Eyed Fish teases were sensational, hope the summer tour brings a full band version. Dave played it because of a poster in the front row. For the fans attending the summer shows, get your Big Eyed Fish posters ready. Great Show.

User: rneild
Great show. Great venue (similar to Brixton last year). Great crowd. Still no 'Grey Street' - c'mon guys! But my daughter Emily presented me with Carter's drumstick at the end - the end of a great week for me (3 fabulous gigs).
Come back to the UK soon - can't wait.
And thank you.

User: stiej
Absolutely awesome. I think this just might be the best show of the Euro Winter tour? Certainly the best UK one. Fantastic set list, fantastic performance, the band were on top form. Let's hope this is released as the next LiveTrax!!!

User: toastandjelly
Amazing - such a contrast to the O2 Arena the Saturday before. Intimate and really fun, the band was really engaged with the audience and played some great tunes. I'd love to see them here again.

User: toby
I caught my second drum stick after a great night in an intimate venue.


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