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Dave Matthews Band
August 27, 2010
Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Marysville, CA

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Show Reviews

User: 27sugarwill
My 4 year old daughter's first show and they played her favorite song DDTW so she loved it.

User: Beckat916
Great show...got better as it went and closed strong.

Carter was in the zone tonight and his solo was crazy good!

To top it off, I got to meet Dave before the show thanks to Warehouse!!!! Now that was really cool.

User: carph
Had a meet and greet with Dave!!!Was fantastic!!! does it get any better??

User: DiveIn40
First show with Mom and they played my favorite song. DDTW We had awesome seats.

User: dmbjewel
Hooray for general admission floor! So amazing to see the guys up close

User: firedancin4life
I felt this show was a soild show from the band. The crowd up in the 200s was thin and tame. Pit looked like it had more energy, I didn't let it bother me...I still had a blast.

Big Eyed Fish opener was awesome and I was honestly a little disappointed when it didn't go straight into Bartender. Busted Stuff was a rare and amazing treat.

A rare midset Baby Blue due to technical issues was a surprising treat. A couple more stand out tracks for me were Stone and Lying in the Hands of God transitioning straight into American Baby Intro. ...which was quite a different rendition from Coffin's extended soprano solo at Concord, Wednesday night.

I really enjoyed the rework of the beginning and end of Ants Marching and the fusion of Time Bomb into the Two Step Intro. Carter's solo on Two Step was probably one of the best I've heard.

User: fromchicago252
Great Energy and a fantastic set. The boys didn't disappoint. Drove down from Chico and then back to the bay for this one. A long long day but worth it with all the people I met. * - first time heard

Big Eyed Fish* - Was sooooo excited when they started playing this. I love this song so much and I knew it was going to be a good night after this one. I Called This -> Bartender but...

-> YMDT - Great version. Jam was shorter but an interesting way to start

Seven* - Happy to hear it but it sucked that Stefan and Tim were completely gone for the last 2 minutes.

Baby Blue* - It missed me after outside lands but I was sooo happy we got it! It made the electric problems worth it. Dave Flubbed the very beginning lyrics but it still was a great moment.

Squirm* - Standard version but it had a great vibe to it.

Funny the way It is* - Standard but still rocking.

The Stone - another great version of the stone. Jam was really really long (in a good way) and Jeff killed it.

Busted Stuff* - My second favorite song on BS behind BEF. Great ending jam on this one.

-> Nancies - Another great version. Boyd was killing it tonight.

-> LITHOG* - Dave's voice was on with this one. Was expecting a long jam but then I heard the bass line and I was like "wait a minute" They're not going into...

-AMERICAN BABY INTRO (LIBERATION!!!) - I thought this was dead and the moment it came on, I was yelling, singing long, just going ape shit. The first time I saw them at shoreline, this was the song that changed my view on the band forever. So happy to hear it again.

DDTW - Standard but still good.

Write a Song* - Pretty little song. I gotta listen to it more once I get the tapes.

Crash - Exactly what I was looking for. Love me some crash. Standard but tight version.

Jimi Thing - (w/ Extra Horns) Great ending jam with the horns on this. Each guy got an 8 beat solo then the next guy went. 5 horns, about 8 rotations, all completely improvised. Really really good!

Stay - (w/ extra horns) ending jam was a little long for me but still a good version none the less especially with the horns.

at this point i was exhausted, hungry, dehydrated and I hadn't had a chance to pee in about 3 hours...i was slowly fading...

You & me - Sweet, simple, made me think of my girlfriend. Loved it.

-> Ants - Carter had a sick intro, and ending jam was the tightest I have ever heard! New favorite Ants!!!!!!

Some Devil* - Ahhh fun song to sing along with. Needed break for me :)

Two Step - Great carter drum solo and just an overall tight jam.

Great show! Soooo happy I made the treck down. I'm exhausted but shoreline is going to be awesome :)

User: greenamyd
Awesome Show... and Dave was talking up a storm! Loved it!

User: greybart41
Intersting show. The pace of the show seemed a little bit off. A little bit older crowd than you normally see. Enjoyed myself however!

User: hazaman
Can't wait!

User: orangeman2001
First time hugging the rail. Unreal. Made some great friends and got sticked!! Unforgetable. Loved BEF opener and Busted Stuff was sick.

User: paintbing
Other than having Carter acknowledge my sign and toss me a stick just to have it ripped out of my hand and not returned... It was a good show.

User: phlaming lips
American Baby Intro was not planned and came out beautifully in the middle of LITHOG

User: robvanhann
They killed it tonight. Busted stuff was a treat. The stone was fantastic, as always. American baby into out of lying in the hands of god mad my life! The whole band just seemed on fire. Loved the horns for jimi!

Great show boys!

User: Rodzilla_v
Great show- had seats on sect 101- then traded for floor tickets and it was amazing! I have never seen so many 60 year olds smoking pot at a show. Stand outs for me were The Stone, Big Eyed Fish, Busted Stuff, Amercan Baby Intro, and actually listening to "Write a Song" for the first time (really liked that one). The crowd was a bit mellow, but everyone was having a good-good time around me and being so close you could tell the boys on stage were too. Two Step was off the hook (Carter solo finale was the sh@t, you could tell by then that Dave done- resting his hand on top of his guitar)..Was hoping for one more song on the closer, but tomorrow at Shoreline should not dissapoint!

User: S,S,FH
Awesome show! My 45th.
First time in the pit ..... Love it!!!
Finally got a stick!
Great set! BEF opener, non set list Baby Blue! The Stone, ABI jam during LITHOG, and Busted Stuff!!!!!!!! Great show!!!

User: seventhsthustle
Amazing Show, the technical issues made it better. Also not bad to be in the pit for free, just sayin

User: steve32501
Got Stixxxxx Wooo Hoooooo My Sign read CARTER STICK ME.....

User: subro
ABI and Busted Stuff...fun times with so many friends in the PIT

User: thesweet
The guys always rock Marysville!

User: tkin2001


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