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Dave Matthews Band
May 1, 2024
Forest National, Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region

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Show Reviews

User: Groogruux
Best gig ever!

User: Wends
The sound was only average and partially overamplified. Keys were not clear to hear. A slight sound echo thoughout the whole set. Setlist was nice and spiked with some suprises to me.

User: Xcacel
This show was one of the best of my nine run shows in Europe. The venue was a semicircular arena, quite small, and not fully packed. The boys delivered a great set, from top to bottom, with many highlights. PNP > Rapunzel open the show, then we had a nice Stolen Away, which is always nice to hear. Idea of You was played with the new red guitar. Then they played, as usual, Walk Around the Moon and MME, with Stay or Leave in between (not my cup of tea, but 90% of people love this tune). After this, the show really raised up, in terms of song selection and energy. The triplet lighted the fire, then Dave took out from his pocket #27, which was a tour debut, if I am not mistaken. Seven was nice, So Damn Lucky didnít have the whole Thank You outro with Buddy singing (and I liked that), probably because the chants werenít too loud this time. I saw my first Straight Shot, I havenít ever listened to this tune, and it didnít fully capture me as a first listen. Final run was impressive. Drive In Drive Out was another surprise, and they played it really well. Some choices were different, mainly in the intro, which was a bit longer, and there were some up and downs in the intensity, which made this version quite nice to my ears. It was one of my highlights. Typical - Nancies - Warehouse - Two Step side to side, talk from themselves. All of them were played really well. Timmy solo in Nancies, this year, is excellent. Warehouse had no stop intro (which I liked), and Two Step is the same as in Berlin, Prague, Florence, with the Tim solo, then Buddy and Carter building up the jam. Jeff laughed when Dave made him a sign to wait before going with the sax for the end of the song. I have the opinion that Two Step never sounded so good in the last 10 years. Dave shirt at the end was totally soaked. So, we had an excellent main set, and you could expect a lame encore. Nope. Dreamgirl acoustic had the whole arena supersilent, everyone understood how special that moment was. The final saw Dave embracing the black guitar and playing So Right, which sounds great as E2, and was my first time in this tour. Good stuff. Most of the people were enthusiastic of this show, I will remember it as one of the best of the tour, together with London N2, Prague and Florence. Final note: I already said that, but the band is in great shape, they look like they are having a lot of fun, and Daveís voice is really good at the moment. On the other hand, I saw Timmy quite tired, as he had to seat close to the guitar corridor two or three times during the show, and his expression was a bit suffering.


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