There were 11 Dave Matthews Band shows in which 239 songs were played, an average of 21.73 songs per show.

At these 11 shows, there was 103 different songs played.

To see a list of songs played broken down by album, click here.

Show Statistics for luccic12

Top 10 Rarest Songs Seen

Take Me to the River-Al Green0.189274
Everybody Wake Up1.59624
Kit Kat Jam2.05429
Water Into Wine2.94906
Thank You3.37171
The Needle and the Damage Done3.55619
Broken Things3.82294
Sugar Man4.23529

Top 10 Songs Played

Ants Marching7
You Might Die Trying6
Don't Drink the Water6
You And Me6
Corn Bread6
Jimi Thing5
Two Step5
Lying In The Hands Of God5
Shake Me Like A Monkey5

Top 10 Rarest Shows Seen

DMB 2010-06-0520.3197
DMB 2015-07-0320.5351
DMB 2013-05-2620.9444
DMB 2011-09-1822.2135
DMB 2009-06-1322.9908
DMB 2012-06-0922.9936
DMB 2014-05-3023.7214
DMB 2009-06-1224.2119
DMB 2010-06-0426.0555
DMB 2012-06-0826.6322

Songs Heard as an Opener

A Whiter Shade Of Pale1
Big Eyed Fish1
Eh Hee1
Funny The Way It Is1
Proudest Monkey1
Rye Whiskey1
Shake Me Like A Monkey1
The Stone1
Tripping Billies1

Teases Heard

The Last Stop2
Ants Marching1
Thank You1
Water Into Wine1

Guests Seen

Eric Krasno2
Jeff Coffin2
The Shady Horns 2
Bela Fleck1
Ben Ellman 1
Nigel Hall1
Sam Kininger1

Songs Heard as an Encore

All Along The Watchtower3
Ants Marching3
Rye Whiskey2
Big Eyed Fish1
If Only1
Lie In Our Graves1
So Right1
Some Devil1
Thank You1
The Last Stop1
The Maker1
The Space Between1
Tripping Billies1
Two Step1
Virginia In The Rain1
You And Me1
You Might Die Trying1


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