There were 8 Dave Matthews Band shows in which 165 songs were played, an average of 20.63 songs per show.

At these 8 shows, there was 79 different songs played.

To see a list of songs played broken down by album, click here.

Show Statistics for bartonbrown

Top 10 Rarest Songs Seen

Nothing From Nothing0.0938967
She's a Woman0.27933
Summer Night in December 1.0989
Pretty Bird1.65746
Grab the Horns by the Bull 2.47934
Worried Man Blues3.87812
Little Thing3.92422
Still Water3.94858
Dive In4.1621

Top 10 Songs Played

Jimi Thing6
So Much To Say6
Ants Marching5
Crash Into Me4
Anyone Seen the Bridge4
Funny The Way It Is4
Lying In The Hands Of God4
Lie In Our Graves4

Top 10 Rarest Shows Seen

D&T 2017-03-2118.4066
DMB 2015-11-0725.4485
DMB 2010-03-1226.1795
DMB 2007-05-3026.5476
DMB 2019-03-1326.7042
DMB 2010-03-0627.876
DMB 2009-06-2928.796
DMB 2009-06-2630.0189

Songs Heard as an Opener

Don't Drink the Water2
Little Thing1
Proudest Monkey1
Shake Me Like A Monkey1
Still Water1
You Never Know1

Teases Heard

Big Eyed Fish2
Too Much2
I'll Be There1
Still Water1

Guests Seen

Jeff Coffin2
Butch Taylor1
Rashawn Ross1
Tom Morello1

Songs Heard as an Encore

All Along The Watchtower2
Baby Blue2
Two Step2
Alligator Pie1
Ants Marching1
Crash Into Me1
Jimi Thing1
Little Thing1
Lying In The Hands Of God1
Nothing From Nothing1
The Space Between1
Tripping Billies1
Why I Am1


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