There were 24 Dave Matthews Band shows in which 429 songs were played, an average of 17.88 songs per show.

At these 24 shows, there was 134 different songs played.

To see a list of songs played broken down by album, click here.

Show Statistics for rcplion

Top 10 Rarest Songs Seen

Off The Boat0.0960615
Rocky Mountain Way0.283822
Get On The Boat0.288184
John the Revelator0.297619
Mother Father0.472335
Oh Susanna0.531915
Love of My Life0.535714
Up On Cripple Creek0.543675
Will It Go Round In Circles0.652529
Bathtub Gin0.818331

Top 10 Songs Played

Two Step14
Too Much13
Don't Drink the Water12
Jimi Thing10
Ants Marching10
Tripping Billies9
So Much To Say9
All Along The Watchtower9
Pantala Naga Pampa9

Top 10 Rarest Shows Seen

D&F 2006-02-042.24308
DMB 2001-05-1817.4815
D&F 2006-02-0417.7528
D&T 2011-10-2220.7387
DMB 2007-09-2921.8803
DMB 2010-08-2521.905
DMB 2001-05-1921.9234
DMB 2002-04-1222.7145
DMB 1999-07-1023.8764
DM_ 2001-10-2023.9205

Songs Heard as an Opener

Seek Up2
The Stone2
What Would You Say2
A Dream So Real1
Do You Remember1
Don't Drink the Water1
Drive In Drive Out1
Get On The Boat1
One Sweet World1
Proudest Monkey1
So Damn Lucky1
The Last Stop1
Too Much1
Why I Am1

Teases Heard

Too Much2
Sugar Will1
The Dreaming Tree1

Guests Seen

Butch Taylor6
Jamal Millner3
Jeff Coffin3
Rashawn Ross3
Tim Reynolds3
Bela Fleck1
Buddy Strong1
Carlos Santana1
Greg Thomas1
Jamelle Williams1
Karl Perazzo1
Neil Young1
Raphael Saadiq1
Robert Randolph1
Terrance Taplin1
The Black Eyed Peas1
Trey Anastasio1
Warren Haynes1

Songs Heard as an Encore

All Along The Watchtower4
Two Step4
Ants Marching2
Grace Is Gone2
I'll Back You Up2
Long Black Veil2
Thank You2
Tripping Billies2
What Would You Say2
American Baby Intro1
Angel From Montgomery1
Baby Blue1
Dancing Nancies1
Don't Drink the Water1
Kill The Preacher1
Pantala Naga Pampa1
Rhyme and Reason1
Rocky Mountain Way1
Samurai Cop1
Say Goodbye1
Shake Me Like A Monkey1
So Damn Lucky1
Time Bomb1
Where Are You Going1
Why I Am1
You Might Die Trying1


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