There were 6 Dave Matthews Band shows in which 109 songs were played, an average of 18.17 songs per show.

At these 6 shows, there was 72 different songs played.

To see a list of songs played broken down by album, click here.

Show Statistics for DancinNancy58

Top 10 Rarest Songs Seen

Star Spangled Banner0.506146
Hey Hey My My0.775194
For the Beauty of Wynona2.22222
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away2.73224
Water Into Wine2.94643
Thank You3.36617
American Baby Intro4.78821
Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd5.13051
American Baby5.39823

Top 10 Songs Played

Too Much5
Where Are You Going4
Anyone Seen the Bridge4
Jimi Thing3
The Stone3
All Along The Watchtower3
Tripping Billies3

Top 10 Rarest Shows Seen

DMB 2002-05-2318.4535
DM_ 2001-10-1420.6773
DMB 2005-08-1921.9697
DMB 2008-08-3022.4185
DMB 2008-08-3123.7808
DMB 2008-08-2924.0954

Songs Heard as an Opener

Grey Street1
One Sweet World1
Seek Up1
The Dreaming Tree1
The Stone1

Teases Heard

Too Much2
Loving Wings1
The Last Stop1

Guests Seen

Jeff Coffin3
Rashawn Ross3
Tim Reynolds3
Butch Taylor2
Daniel Lanois1
Emmylou Harris1
Eric Krasno1

Songs Heard as an Encore

Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away1
All Along The Watchtower1
Ants Marching1
Anyone Seen the Bridge1
Don't Drink the Water1
For the Beauty of Wynona1
Hey Hey My My1
Smooth Rider1
Star Spangled Banner1
Thank You1
Tripping Billies1


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