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Winter 1996

Opener: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

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19 Songs / 17.6 Avg.
Rarity: 2 of 5 (81.11)
This show has an overall rarity index of 28.82

Total Song Time: 2 hours, 19 minutes, 8 seconds

December 29, 1996
December 30, 1996
December 31, 1996
January 14, 1997
January 15, 1997

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Taper: Bill Lakenan  
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DMB Live Trax Vol. 7: Hampton Coliseum
The 1996 Hampton New Year's show with Dave Matthews Band and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones is considered by fans and crew alike, one of the most incredible jam sessions to date. The set list that evening reflected a nice array of songs from Remember Two Things, Under the Table and Dreaming and Crash. Bela Fleck joined DMB on stage for 9 songs and Bela and the full Flecktones ended up jamming with DMB for 5 songs.
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Dave Matthews Band
Tuesday, December 31, 1996
Live Trax Volume 7, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
+/- Song Time Plays Guests Notes
1. Seek Up 14:302 of 2
2. Dancing Nancies ...>9:525 of 5
3. Warehouse 8:392 of 2
4. Say Goodbye 8:195 of 5
5. Satellite 5:044 of 4
6. Rhyme and Reason 5:353 of 3
7. Two Step 10:294 of 4 Bela
8. Crash Into Me 5:445 of 5 Bela
9. So Much To Say ...>4:125 of 5
10. Anyone Seen the Bridge ...>1:155 of 5
11. Too Much 4:155 of 5
12. Tripping Billies 5:225 of 5 Bela, The Flecktones, Paul Opened set II. The band came out in Tuxes and chomped on cigars to welcome in the new year.
13. Lie In Our Graves 9:085 of 5 Bela, The Flecktones, Paul
14. #41 15:265 of 5 Bela, The Flecktones, Paul Sojourn Of Arjuna Interpolation
15. Minarets 8:385 of 5 Bela, The Flecktones, Paul
16. Typical Situation 0:035 of 5 Bela, The Flecktones, Paul
17. Jam ...>5:541 of 1 Carter and Futureman mainly
18. Ants Marching 7:355 of 5 Bela, The Flecktones, Paul Dueling Banjos, Auld Lang Syne Interpolation, , Auld Lang Syne is the official name of "Should old acquaintances be forgotten…"
19. E: All Along The Watchtower 9:081 of 1
Show Notes
This is the last known true two set performance. Midnight fell between the sets.
Live Release: Live Trax, Vol. 7


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