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Summer 1994

Opener: Edwin McCain

Show 5 of 40
15 Songs / 9.05 Avg.
Rarity: 10 of 40 (33.91)
This show has an overall rarity index of 23.34

Total Song Time: 1 hours, 26 minutes, 36 seconds
Get In Line
Get In Line (no words - Tease)...>
Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors (no words)...>
Recently (tease - only the very opening chords)
Get In Line (no words)
Halloween (tease Carter only)
Jam &
Say Goodbye

July 19, 1994
July 20, 1994
July 21, 1994
July 22, 1994
July 23, 1994

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Taper: Kelly Darnell  
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Dave Matthews Band
Thursday, July 21, 1994
Ivory Tusk, Tuscaloosa, AL
+/- Song Time Plays Guests Notes
1. Tripping Billies 4:206 of 31
2. Best of What's Around 6:091 of 15
3. Recently 8:253 of 20 Some People Do/Donít Interpolation
4. Say Goodbye 5:161 of 21
5. Jimi Thing 10:194 of 27
6. Rhyme and Reason 5:213 of 25
7. Lover Lay Down 6:032 of 5
8. The Song That Jane Likes 3:533 of 21
9. Satellite 4:424 of 28
10. Lie In Our Graves ...>6:132 of 7
11. Halloween 6:401 of 2 After the radio interview earlier in the day, Sean (the DJ) requested Halloween for that nightsí show. That is why there is the unnatural segue of LIOG...>Halloween.
12. E: I'll Back You Up 3:102 of 3 Dave Solo
13. E: Dancing Nancies 7:474 of 26
14. E: Jam ...>1:401 of 1
15. E: Ants Marching 6:383 of 21
Show Notes
We removed Rhyme & Reason from the sc info after a recording surfaced of the sc. The R&R listing seems to be a mishearing of Get In Line by a fan who attended the sound check (remember, this was prior to the official of R&R).
Carter does the beginning hi hat work on Halloween during the sound check, which seems logical because of the awkard liog...>halloween done that evening.


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