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Dave Matthews Band
Wednesday, March 1, 1989
Greg Howard's Studio, Charlottesville, VA
+/- (?) Song      Tour (?)    Venue (?) Last (?) Guests Notes
1. Simple Thing      1 of 2     1 of 2
2. In God's Country      1 of 2     1 of 2
3. The Song That Jane Likes      1 of 2     1 of 4
4. Imagine We Were      1 of 2     1 of 2
5. Touch      1 of 2     1 of 2
6. Waves Drift Ashore      1 of 2     1 of 2
7. One War      1 of 2     1 of 2
8. Half The Time      1 of 2     1 of 2
9. Subway      1 of 2     1 of 2
10. Stillborn Child      1 of 2     1 of 2
Show Notes
This was the first recorded Demo done by Dave, with Mark Roebuck. The album was called Tribe Of Heaven. The commercial release in 2005 did not feature the song Stillborn Child. Dave shared writing credits on the unreleased Stillborn Child, and also Imagine We Were, Song That Jane Likes, and One War. Mark wrote the rest of the tracks himself.
This date is an estimate of the first part of the Tribe Of Heaven sessions. Greg Howard played keys on Imagine We Were and Half The Time. Mike Rosenski played guitar on Touch.
There were two seperate sessions for this album, but no one is exactly sure which songs were played when. It is possible that all songs were played at both sessions.


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