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Song Interpretation
As usual, death allusions permeate the song. The song beings speaking of the status of the world, but the true theme is the death of a dearly loved one. The references to candy and fresh snow could point to a premature (i.e., young) death. The singer does die finally, and then the calls of the lover grow stronger.

During the 2004 Farm Aid show, Dave sited his grandparents as the inspiration for this song. His grandmother died many years before his grandfather.

Song Information
Album: Some Devil
2014 Various Rarity: 14.2857
Historical Rarity: 9.08347
Average Slot: 3
Average Length: 0:00


2014 Various

Shows played at:
Date Venue Position Length
D&T 2014-09-13Farm Aid, Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC3


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