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Song Interpretation
God looks down at the world, and says, "Wow, that place is a mess. I'm outta here!" God sees the 'believers stand behind' this crazy leader and 'smile' as the world is at war. The singer, in conversation with God, is going to kill himself because of the leader is out of control. God, in return, is also on his 'window ledge' - or at the end of his rope metaphorically. The song ends with two "let me in" 's, one from the jumper, and one from God.

Song Information
Album: Stand Up
Various 2008 Rarity: 5.26316
Historical Rarity: 8.33333
Average Slot: 7
Average Length: 0:00

Out of My Hands

  1 Various 2008 Appearances

Date Venue Position Length
D&T 2008-08-24Green Concert at Red Rocks, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO7


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