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Song Interpretation
It may seem to be a song simply about excess, but other elements are afoot. The references to Cities and Homes seem to indicate that the object taking, and eating “Too Much”, is society and government with their overpopulation, and seemingly blind eye to the underprivileged.

Song Information
Album: Crash
Dave Matthews Band European 2007 Tour Rarity: 80
Historical Rarity: 37.2401
Average Slot: 11
Average Length: 0:00

Too Much

  Dave Matthews Band European 2007 Tour Appearances

Date Venue Position Length
DMB 2007-05-23The Point, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland15
DMB 2007-05-25Live Trax Volume 10, Pavilion Atlantico, Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal11
DMB 2007-05-28Pinkpop Festival, Megaland, Landgraaf, Limburg, Netherlands5
DMB 2007-05-30Wembley Arena, London, Greater London, United Kingdom13


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