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Song Interpretation
Father equals God. Son equals mankind. The theme is how mankind takes God (more specifically, organized religion), and uses it for his own empowerment. The Man is “twisting”, because mankind has twisted the message of God.

Originally, the song ranged from a take on Religion, children, lost souls, and trapped environments. Early versions, interestingly, borrowed from The Beatles Glass Onion (“The Beatles” aka the White Album), in referencing back to other DMB songs.

Song Information
Album: Busted Stuff
Various 2002 Rarity: 3.0303
Historical Rarity: 5.15075
Average Slot: 11
Average Length: 0:00


Various 2002

Shows played at:
Date Venue Position Length
DMB 2002-01-01Busted Stuff Sessions, The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA8
DM_ 2002-10-24DMBLive - Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA 10/24/2002, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA14


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