Durham, NC, United States

Venues in Durham, NC, United States
Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University
Page Auditorium - Duke University
Duke University
Top Attendees
1. crashintome54 (3)
2. shotgun36 (2)
3. trlutz721 (2)
4. 85GreyStreet (1)
5. aperry12 (1)
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City Stats
Shows Played: 3
Ants @ State: 61
City Song Stats

Date Venue Rating Rarest Song
DMB 1993-10-08Duke University, Durham, NC
DMB 1995-04-07DMBLive - Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC 4/7/1995, Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University, Durham, NC So Much To Say
D&T 1999-02-10Page Auditorium - Duke University, Durham, NC What Will Become of Me