Greenville, SC, United States

Venues in Greenville, SC, United States
Bi-Lo Center
Blockbuster Video
Greenville Memorial Auditorium
McAlister Auditorium - Furman University
Top Attendees
1. madmission (4)
2. petelbury (4)
3. Rhythmjunkie (4)
4. tarkus22 (4)
5. crashintome54 (3)
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City Stats
Shows Played: 5
Ants @ State: 250
City Song Stats

Date Venue Rating Rarest Song
D&B 1995-04-14Blockbuster Video, Greenville, SC Dancing Nancies
DMB 1995-04-14Greenville Memorial Auditorium, Greenville, SC Dancing Nancies
D&T 1999-02-14McAlister Auditorium - Furman University, Greenville, SC What Will Become of Me
DMB 2001-05-02Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, SC So Much To Say
DMB 2001-05-02Terrance Simien, Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, SC