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The Antsmarching.org Land of Misfit Shows

The Dave Matthews Band has been around for over a decade, and has allowed fans to tape and circulate their shows for the entire duration of their existance. Over the years, certain shows have circulated bearing an incorrect date, venue, or setlist information. Because of the large amount of shows in circulation, it is tough to distinguish which version, date, or setlist is the "real deal". Jake Vigliotti, our resident DMB expert, has followed the Dave Matthews Band since their inception, and has done enormous amounts of research in an attempt to sort through the fakes, and separate the accurate from the inaccurate. Below is a list of these "Misfit Shows", the date they supposedly are from, and an explanation of their real origin.


Date of Misinformation Correct Information with Explanation
Millers 1990 This tape is from sometime in 1991. It was taken out of the 4.3.91/91 demos/Granny's basement CD.
11.90 Demo This Demo is not in circulation. The performance claiming to be that is from the 04.03.91 tape, and sometimes the end of the Quad demo is claimed to be it as well, but that is from 1.92. We know this by the lyrics to Recently, which contain an awkward "Growing Still to do"… line that is not heard in 1991 performances, but in early 1992 performances.
1991-93 w/o Boyd This date is from Jan or Feb, 1993. Boyd's absence is not indicative of the date. All the song lyrics point to around this time, maybe as late as early Feb, 93.
Dave's High School Reunion 1991 This show is really a portion of the 11.16.93 St. Christopher's H.S. Dance.
04.03.91 This is also known as Granny's Basement, and now in it's CD form, commonly called 91 Demos. This is NOT DMB's 1st show. It is a mix tape of various demos, live shows, and a practice, all from 1991(Various Show 1, Various Show 2, Various Show 3).
4.20.91 This Show, the 1st DMB show ever, is not in circulation. Some allege that 4.3.91 is this show as well. See 04.03.91 for further explanation.
5.11.91 This show is really from somewhere between 9.91 and 10.91. We know this because Peter Greisar is clearly heard on Keys on all the tracks, and he did not join the band until 8.91. Also, the lyrics to Warehouse put the song in that timeframe. The true 5.11.91 show was not recorded.
8.21.91 This show contains Recently on all copies, which is from a later Demo. The 8.21.91 date may be accurate for some of the songs, but it is entirely possible that this is 2 different performances. If it is from August of 91, Eastern Standard is the location. DMB's 1st Trax show as a headliner was 9.20.91.
10.15.91 This show is really from early 1993. We know this by the songs played during this performance. The official website has this wrong, even though half the songs did not debut until 1993, and Boyd makes reference to the band being off for a while. The best guess estimate for the date is 1.23.93, Trax. That is the only known missing performance from Jan, 93, where it would fit.
10.21.91 This show is really a mix tape. It is theoretically possible that one of the performances is from 10.21.91, so that's why it's still called by that date. But in all likelihood, that date is incorrect.
10.22.91 This show is missing Best Of What's Around from all CD conversions. Additionally, Ants Marching is long alleged to debut on this date, as "No New Directions". No known copies in circulation contain the early "Ants".
Quad Demo 12.91 and Rutabaga 1.5.92 These are both incorrect dates. The tapes are actually a series of demo recordings done for copyright purposes, (Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3) that were combined onto an analog tape for trading purposes. On the Quad tape, the last songs, Ants Marching, Minarets, Warehouse, and Recently are all Dave, Greg Howard, Kevin Davis, and John D'Earth. This is the 2nd demo Dave recorded with the same group, almost 16 months after the original demo. Greg Howard confirmed this as the 2nd, later demo. See also 11.90 for further explanation.
1.5.92 (Trax) This is not a real show. It is only called 1.5.92 because back when the Rutabaga Demo was traded, these songs were the "B" side to the tape. The songs, however, do overlap in portions with the "11.16.92" alleged performance. It appears that it is a studio mix of 3 live songs (BOWA, SMTS, and The Maker). The 1.5.92 Trax may be the complete live demo. It's true date is probably late 1992. Why it was recorded is a mystery, but an educated guess is it was another attempt by the band to showcase their work to record companies.
4.15.92 This show may be misdated. It's the only known Pay For What You Get for 5 months. Also, it's the 1st known Help Myself, and the lyrics are complete, very rare for DMB to not change lyrics. Unfortunately, there is no hard evidence to it's actual date. The archive will keep this as 4.15.92 until further proof of a more accurate date arises.
4.22.92 The location is Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA. A Mary Wash. U alumni verified this show.
5.12.92 This show is really 5.14.92. This is a rare Thursday night Trax show. The 5.6.92 confirms that the band will be in Nags Head on 5.11.92, and 5.12.92. Dave also references the return from the beach during the 5.13.92 show. Additionally, during the 5.14.92 show, the 5.15.92 festival show is referenced as happening the following day, and confirmed by the Friday After 5's archives.
5.19.92 This show is really 9.11.92. The show was traded often back in the day, without Once On A Wild Afternoon and Blue Water Baboon Farm included on the alleged 5.19.92.
6.XX.92 This show is really 6.1.92 for the video in circulation. The last song is called "Once On A Wild Afternoon". For some reason, some sites list this song as "Destiny". Dave himself introduces the song as OOAWA. This show is also mentioned in the book, "Step Into The Light".
6.27.92 This show should end with OSW. The #36-ish jam is from 7.27.93. It was included on this part of a show/soundcheck as filler. The 2nd jam is commonly called "Won't Ever", after the lyrics Dave repeats toward the middle of it.
7.15.92 This show is really from 11-12.XX.92. We know this because Halloween is on this show, and it did not appear until 10.31.92 (hence it's name). The only thing we know is the performance is from a Tuesday nite.
8.XX.92 This show is really 7.31.92. The original tape surfaced sometime in '99.
9.15.92 This show is really 5.26.92 in a different order.
9.17.92 This show is really 10.27.92. It was just misdated way back when.
9.20.92 This show is really 4.22.92.
10.31.92 This show is from Trax. Dave mentions the show on 10.27.92.
11.02.92 This show is really 11.16.93. It was just miseeded and quickly corrected, but some people still have it listed as 11.02.92 on their shn sites.
11.07.92 This show is also called 11.11.92, not to be confused with the real 11.11.92, is really from 1.19.93. The original tape surfaced in late 2000 to verify this.
11.11.92 See 11.07.92 explanation.
11.16.92 See 1.5.92 explanation.
12.25.92 This show is a mix tape of various 1992 performances. The mix tape was made as a Christmas present to another DMB fan, but after it was traded around, the "Christmas show" became 12.25.92. DMB did not play on X-mas, 1992.
1.12.93 This show is a portion of 12.29.92. Dave was in South Africa from 1.1.93 to 1.18.93. Dave even mentions this on a portion of this cd. There now is a complete 12.29.92 in circulation, with the complete correct setlist.
2.2.93 This show is really 1.26.93. Andy Svenson did a ton of leg work to figure out that the announcement of the cancellation of the Sears catalog, referenced by Dave, became public the day before this show. Talking about it a week later would be a bit passe. There is a show circulated out there labeled 2.2.93 and has the following setlist:
Drive In Drive Out, Best Of What's Around, Song That Jane Likes, Dancing Nancies, Lover Lay Down, One Sweet World, So Much To Say, True Reflections, What Would You Say, Tripping Billies, Two Step, Set II, Lie In Our Graves**, The Maker **, Minarets…> **, Blue Water Baboon Farm**, Warehouse **, Help Myself **,
(** with Kristen Ashbury)
This is actually a combination of 8.4.92 and 1.26.93. From Drive in Drive Out to Two Step, that is the first set of 8.4.92, including the soundcheck. The second part is set II of 1.26.93. Dustin, who used to host this original list on his old source info site, came up with this one.
2.3.93 This show is really 2.4.93. The original Analog resurfaced in 2000.
3.23.93 This show is From Trax. Some people still list this as Unknown. By the way, it's called the "Big League Chew" show because BLC, the bubble gum, sponsored the evening at Trax. It was kinda an inside joke w/the band.
3.30.93 This show, labeled as occuring at Oxford, MS is really 3.30.94. That was just a misdate.
4.14.93 This show is really at Flood Zone, not Woodbury Forest School, Orange, VA. It also features the debut of #36.
5.XX.93 This show is really 4.30.93 Hoyt Street Station, Athens, GA. The location was always correct, but the original tape surfaced in 2001.
7.8.93 This show is really the first set of 9.8.93
7.26.93 This show's venue information is Trax, Spaghetti Dinner (F.A.I.R) benefit for Indians, not a frat house at UVA. The original analog re-surfaced in 2001.
7.23.93 This show is really 7.27.93. The mention of the HORDE show by Dave confirms this. There was a HORDE show in Richmond on 7/27, not 7/23. There are 2 text info sheets for the same show, as both 7/23 and 7/27. The two CD's are exactly the same, one is labeled 7/27, with intermission filler from The Samples, and the other is labeled 7/23, minus the intermission music, but notes at the bottom the note the HORDE reference.
7.1.94 This show is really 7.17.94. A bootleg contained the incorrect date, and a lot of people bought that bootleg and traded it with the wrong date.
7.22.94 This show is really at The Nick, Birmingham, AL., not Ivory Tusk, Tuscaloosa, AL. 7.21.94, recently converted from analog to cdr, is the Ivory Tusk show date. I only know of 1 copy of 7.22.94, and it's lost. Hopefully, not forever.
Crash Demo The Crash demo is not the Crash Sessions Demo. It is a poorly constructed fake, with the left channel turned down to eliminate Tim, (and LeRoi on most songs). The true Crash sessions demo is not in circulation.
Early 2002 Lillywhite Sessions Demo The Early 2000 Lillywhite sessions featuring the following:
1. Busted Stuff 05:10.32
2. JTR 04:02.45
3. Raven 06:05.23
4. Sweet Up And Down 04:04.09
5. Grey Street 03:46.18
6. Bartender 04:18.13

Is a poorly constructed fake. It is DSBD tracks from 2000. Crowd noise can be clearly heard on every track, which is uncommon in studios.

Everyday Sessions The Ballard Demo is a fake. It's just radio recordings of Dave solo songs from 3.15.01 or a show around that time may be the source of the tracks.


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