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The AntsMarching.org DMB Crew Archive

Thanks to submissions from our users here are some questions that have been answered by DMB Crew via the online question form. We have put this together so that everyones questions can be shared (and so the Crew doesn't have to keep answering the same ones).

• Question Submitted by GravediggerGrec:
I was curious in Moe's opinion which is the best type of vacuum cleaner on the market today?

• DMB Crew Answer:
Mo recommends dropping the e (in Moe) ;-) and buying a Hoover EmPower Wide Path.

◊ Question Submitted by EarthworksSR71:
What kind of microphones do you use to mic the crowd for live releases.

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
Two Audio Technica 4050's on stage and two Neumann 150's at x-y configuration at the soundboard.

• Question Submitted by jaimedrummer:
What will your schedule be for the weekend (2005 SPAC -> Live8 -> SPAC) with the double header on Saturday, and how will you handle the gear situation?

• DMB Crew Answer:
We have built a duplicate "B-system" of band gear. The band and crew will drive down to Philly after the first Saratoga show and then fly back to Saratoga after the Live 8 show.

◊ Question Submitted by PiLamb99:
Regarding the video projection that was at the Nissan Pavilion show in Bristow, VA. My question was whether DMB crew handles the video production i.e. camera, staff, projectors or if it is done "in-house" with venue staff or if it is done by an outside vendor. The follow up question is what kind of projectors were used since the system has changed from the LED screens that were present at Nissan the previous year.

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
There is a video crew carrying cameras, projectors, screens and drive. The decision to use house screens is made on a case by case basis. The projectors used are Barco G10's. Last year we had LED screens, so the new projectors can get a much higher resolution than them.

• Question Submitted by Captian Raven:
What do you find to be the most effective way of miking roi's soprano sax. Where do u place mics to cover the range of the horn?

• DMB Crew Answer:
Great question. Although we're always experimenting, we keep coming back to the same scenario. Using two cardiod mics, we place one about 4 inches away from the horn right in the middle over the keys. The other mic gets the bell.

◊ Question Submitted by Ayrton Gauerke:
As a young inspired drummer, I was wondering what stand Carter uses to stack his china boys and the 8" 10" splashes on, I know it's an extention of some sort but I cant seem to find one.

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
The cymbals you mentioned are all mounted on standard Yamaha drum hardware and extensions.

• Question Submitted by BurbonSong:
What type of laptop is used to update the setlist each night and what connection does it use?

• DMB Crew Answer:
We use an Apple Titanium G4 15" Laptop during the show to update the set list from the side of the stage.

◊ Question Submitted by Captian Raven:
What kind of mouthpieces/ligature/reed does roi use with each of his saxes.

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
The mouthpieces are primarily vintage Meyer 6. Other than that, LeRoi is constantly experimenting with various reeds and ligatures. He primarily uses Rico Royal reeds.

• Question Submitted by musicfreak21:
What is the model and gauge of the D'Addario strings Dave uses? And, if i can ask a second question: What are the gauges of Stefan's strings? Thanks for your time in answering these questions.

• DMB Crew Answer:
Thanks for the kind words. Dave plays primarily on D'Addario strings. Model EXP17. Gauges 56, .45, .35, .26, .17, .13 respectively. Stefan's strings are 125 through 45 in gauge.

◊ Question Submitted by kitkapp:
Has anything changed as far as the crews invovlement with setlist creation for a show?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
The crew has little input when it comes to the set list. It is still written by Dave and run by the other band members for their approval or suggestions.

• Question Submitted by Giant Jew:
How expensive is carters whole kit and how long does it take for it to be assembled?

• DMB Crew Answer:
It would be really difficult to put a dollar figure on the value of his kit as it is constantly evolving. It takes about 2 hours to set up the kit.

◊ Question Submitted by GruvnDMBRiddims:
I watched the Roseland show and noticed some new 'toys' on Carter's kit. I know he has an electric pad directly above his right knee. I am wondering what the disc-shaped object is near his cowbell/jamblock (looks to me like another pad)?? Also, what brain (drum module) is delivering the sounds he is triggering?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
The disk shaped object near the cowbell is in fact trigger pad. The drum module is an Akai Z8.

• Question Submitted by bitoffish:
You have listed a 24 track hard disk recorder under the recording equipment, but 39 inputs on the board. Do you mix channels together or record on multiple MX-2424? What is the process of archiving the raw multi-track recordings of shows that you record while on the road? I can't imagine you keep them on a hard disk, unless you keep multiple disks on hand. It must be quite a task to keep 150 or so hard disks organized while you are all travelling around.

• DMB Crew Answer:
We actually have eight Tascam 2424's...three pairs working in main and backup modes, with two spares. 46 tracks are recorded everyday which includes the band's input list plus several audience mics and other inputs. The harddrives get sent back to an archivist in Charlottesville who then dumps each track to a separate CDR for permanent storage in a vault. Each show will generate about 138 CDR's. The harddrives then get returned to the road.

◊ Question Submitted by DmbGrey41:
I've been to 22 shows throughout my lifetime. Every show, before DMB takes the stage, there is always the same guy who vacuums the stage. Is that his only job or does he do other things, or is he just "Vacuum Guy"?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
That's Mo, the stage manager, and he's in charge of the general equpiment setup and teardown of the production. The Vacuum Guy persona is his moment in the spotlight.

• Question Submitted by Captain Raven:
As a saxplayer on a budget what kind of mics do u recomend that are good for the money. I have seen the ones that roi uses and they are out of my price range. Any suggestions would be nice.

• DMB Crew Answer:
At around $120, the Shure Beta 57a is a solid choice.

◊ Question Submitted by stay_marching:
I was just wondering, stefan has two floor footswitching units on stage with him all the time to change his effects, etc. I was wondering what type they were? The red one looks like it could be a BOSS unit?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
The red one is a boss gtr-6B the blue one is a midi copntroller for the eventide.

• Question Submitted by botrnewmusic:
Hi, I was wondering if Dave still keeps one of his Black Chets (used 1994-1999) Guitar on the road with him, and I was also wondering why Dave decided to make the switch to a more acoustically driven guitar.

• DMB Crew Answer:
No Chets on the road. I think the time just came to try a clearer sounding guitar.

◊ Question Submitted by PilotC150:
What gauges of strings does Dave use for songs such as Oh, Stay Or Leave and You Never Know?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
B .39, E .29, A .18, D .14, F# .12, B .16

• Question Submitted by deercreekdmb:
Does Dave use his Machless DC-30 Amp for acoustic and electric?

• DMB Crew Answer:
Yes, for both.

◊ Question Submitted by ChadRap127:
I saw in the American Baby Music Video that Dave was using the new Taylor T5, is their any reason we arent seeing this on tour, or was this a one time deal?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
Video only.

• Question Submitted by onemoredrink41:
How do you all keep Dave's guitar's safe? Do you lock them up? Do you have someone guarding them the entire time?

• DMB Crew Answer:
The travel in a guitar coffin (roadcase). They are locked but we don't have someone watching them ALL the time.

◊ Question Submitted by guitarplayer554:
ok ihave two questions if thats not a problem. 1. what type of taylor twelve string does dave use (Koa or Walnut) b/c the both look the same? and 2. what type of wireless cable does dave use?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
Dave uses Shure products for wireless and as far as I know it's walnut.

• Question Submitted by Limegreenbooger:
I've managed to annoy Monk enough on a few occasions that he threw me his setlist. I was wondering what all the notations are (the highlights, the numbers next to the songs, and the "amp" I see next to a few songs)

• DMB Crew Answer:
The notations are so I don't forget certain cues, like tuning the guitar for DDTW or Crush. Also, I don't want to forget that Dave needs the baritone for Louisiana or What You Are. The amp cue means I have to switch the signal path to the amp for that song. Yada, yada, yada.

◊ Question Submitted by Fiorentino:
I'm wondering how often Dave's guitar is restrung?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:

• Question Submitted by Timbo611:
As a part-time stage manager and technical director, I've marveled at the lighting used at the concerts for four years now. When working with a band like DMB (whose setlists, and songs for that matter, change from concert to concert), how do Fenton and his folks keep up? Are cues preset, is it all done on the fly, or a combination of both?

• DMB Crew Answer:
It's a combination of both, but we do get a set list before the show, so it's not a total surprise what song is next. That makes it possible to pre-set some looks while still being able to grab other looks "on the fly".

◊ Question Submitted by davehead86:
Im interestd in the LED Lights on the Firedancer background. How do you program the lights to change, is it individual or sectional. And are they visible from behind, or would a second background be needed for an indoor event (to face behind stage)?

◊ DMB Crew Answer:
The Firedancer Logo is 4 layers of 3 color LEDs programmed from the lighting console using standard DMX protocol. There is a protective backing, so they are not visible from behind. We could hang another curtain to face behind the stage, but no one would be able to see the band, as the curtains aren't see through.


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