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Tour Central Search Engine
Saving Searches
Trying to remember just which shows you've seen your 6 favorite songs played at, with your two favorite guests, at that special venue? Simply click the "Save Search" link above your results, and your query will be saved in your My Tour Stats page!

The Tour Central Search Engine allows you to search for a single song, or multiple. You can stipulate that any song is an opener, a set closer, in the encore, or the encore closer. Or, you can string multiple songs together and turn up shows where those tunes were played in order. All of these options can be filtered by further metrics, such as guest, venue, artist and show date range. On top of that, you can also have it only display shows that are streamable on DMB Hub, or available to download on Ants. You can even check the box to only search against shows you've seen, so you can create a lot of personal queries. And when you've built your favorite searches, you can save them to your Tour Stats, so they're always accessible (and sharable!).

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If you haven't yet registered for a FREE account at antsmarching.org, well, what are you waiting for? Here's a short list of some of the e-swag an antsmarching.org account grants you:

  • Personal Tour Stats - Track which shows you've been to, what your rarest shows are, what rare songs you've seen and more!
  • Setlist Game - Take your best shot at guessing the band's sets each night and compete for prizes - every tour.
  • Message Boards - With over 17 million posts, the forum is one of the most happening places on the Internet.
  • BitTorrent Downloads - Leveraging the largest fan-based music community on the Internet, antsmarching.org now offers Torrents.
  • DMB Hub - Our app for your iPhone. Track your stats, browse Tour Central, play the Setlist Game and stream live shows, right from your iPhone!

If you're still not convinced that an antsmarching.org account is worth signing up for, we can't help you. Dementia is a common problem and, well, it's just not our field. But if ya dig what you're reading, head on over to the signup page and get yourself some Ants lovin'. But don't blame us if you don't get any.

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