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chadizzy1's Last Show Seen
Dave Matthews Band
Dos Equis Pavilion, Dallas, TX

That Girl Is You
What Would You Say
Stay Or Leave
Grey Street
Do You Remember
Anyone Seen The Bridge ...>
Too Much
Lying In the Hands of God
Donít Drink the Water
Jimi Thing
Corn Bread
Grace Is Gone
Typical Situation
Why I Am
Pantala Naga Pampa ...>
Two Step ...>

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Album Breakdown
Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (12%)   Remember Two Things (11%)   Crash (10%)   Under the Table and Dreaming (10%)   Before These Crowded Streets (10%)   Busted Stuff (7%)   Away From The World (7%)   Unreleased (7%)   Come Tomorrow (5%)   Cover Songs (5%)   Some Devil (4%)   Stand Up (4%)   Everyday (4%)   Little Red Bird (1%)   Jams/Intros/Segues/Improv (1%)   Tim Songs (1%)   The Lillywhite Sessions (0%)   Stand Up Bonus Disc (0%)  

Overall Stats
Shows Seen: 45
Average Rarity Index: 25.87

Song Stats
Show Stats


Movers & Shakers
Deed Is Done +7421.94%
Dream I Killed God +6035.49%
If The Ocean Had Its Way +4522.22%
Gravedigger -86.83%
Shake Me Like A Monkey -85.38%
Lie In Our Graves -81.04%

chadizzy1's Tour Central (History/Stats)

Date Venue
Ants Rating
Your Rating
Rarest Song
11DMB 2018-05-19Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, TX4.19 21 (100%)You Never Know
22DMB 2003-07-13Alltel Arena, North Little Rock, AR4.31 15 (88%)Seek Up
33DMB 2018-05-30Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion, Rogers, AR4.22 17 (85%)Minarets
44DMB 2016-07-02Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI4.51 17 (81%)Plastic Girl
51D&T 2011-07-09Lakeside, Chicago, IL4.32 8 (80%)Blue Water Baboon Farm
65DMB 2016-05-14Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX4.45 18 (78%)Anyone Seen the Bridge
76DMB 2013-07-10Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO4.5 15 (75%)Digging a Ditch
87DMB 2018-07-06Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, Noblesville, IN4.51 15 (71%)The Stone
92D&T 2014-01-15Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, LA4.54 17 (61%)Chatterbox
108DMB 2018-07-07Live Trax Volume 46, Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, Noblesville, IN4.57 12 (60%)Two Step
119DMB 2016-07-30Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL4.56 11 (58%)Where Are You Going
1210DMB 2015-07-26Live Trax Volume 36, Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI4.69 15 (58%)Belly Full
1311DMB 2011-07-08Lakeside, Chicago, IL4.2 12 (55%)Joy Ride
1412DMB 2013-05-18Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX4.46 12 (55%)Eh Hee
1513DMB 2015-05-20BankPlus Amphitheater at Snowden Grove, Southaven, MS4.27 12 (55%)Sledgehammer
1614DMB 2014-05-23Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham, AL4.15 13 (54%)Big Eyed Fish
1715DMB 2011-07-10Live on Lakeside, Lakeside, Chicago, IL4.69 11 (52%)Best of What's Around
1816DMB 2016-05-17Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, OK4.16 11 (52%)Best of What's Around
1917DMB 2018-05-18The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, TX4.11 11 (52%)What You Are
2018DMB 2014-05-24Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, GA4.19 12 (52%)The Needle and the Damage Done
2119DMB 2015-05-16The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, TX4.41 13 (52%)Rhyme and Reason
223D&T 2014-01-16Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, LA4.67 14 (50%)The Riff
2320DMB 2019-05-18Dos Equis Pavilion, Dallas, TX4.66 11 (50%)Halloween
2421DMB 2015-05-15Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX4.35 11 (48%)I'll Back You Up
2522DMB 2016-05-18Verizon Arena, North Little Rock, AR4.17 11 (48%)Anyone Seen the Bridge
2623DMB 2016-05-13The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, TX3.81 9 (47%)Dreamgirl
2724DMB 2015-07-25Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI4.52 12 (46%)Drive In Drive Out
2825DMB 2011-07-09Lakeside, Chicago, IL4.34 8 (42%)Burning Down The House
2926DMB 2013-04-06Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham, AL4.09 8 (40%)The Riff
3027DMB 2013-05-17The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, TX4.11 8 (40%)Everybody Wake Up
3128DMB 2014-05-16The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, TX4.24 8 (35%)Big Eyed Fish
3229DMB 2016-07-29Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL4.33 6 (30%)Stay
3330DMB 2013-04-28New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans, LA3.99 4 (29%)Louisiana Bayou
3431DMB 2016-07-01Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI4.07 6 (27%)Funny The Way It Is
3532DMB 2012-05-18The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, TX3.95 5 (26%)Beach Ball
3633DMB 2013-05-22The Tower Amphitheater, Austin, TX4.39 5 (26%)Help Myself
3734DMB 2014-05-17Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX4.02 6 (26%)All Along The Watchtower
3835DMB 2010-09-11Superpages.com Center, Dallas, TX4.37 4 (22%)The Last Stop
3936DMB 2009-09-29Dickey-Stephens Park, North Little Rock, AR3.85 4 (20%)Melissa
4037DMB 2012-12-04KFC Yum! Center, Louisville, KY4.1 4 (20%)Digging a Ditch
4138DMB 2012-05-19Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX4.11 3 (18%)If I Had It All
4239DMB 2015-05-19Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion, Rogers, AR3.37 4 (17%)Where Are You Going
4340DMB 2012-12-05United Center, Chicago, IL3.5 1 (5%)Crush
4441DMB 2013-04-27Snowden Grove Amphitheater, Southaven, MS3.9 0 (0%)Squirm
4542DMB 2012-07-11Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO3.71 -2 (-11%)Lying In The Hands Of God


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